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Eye Disorders

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First exam for dry eye syndrome - how to prepare? [01 Apr 2013|03:12pm]

I've had relatively mild dry eyes for years. No one ever examined them, they just put me on simple eye drops (hypromellose). My eyes are now worse, and in particular it's getting on my nerves that they will randomly sting and swell shut when I'm in the shower, purely from the steam. Since I have severe ME/CFS and get very dizzy in the shower, this just isn't safe. Anyway, I spoke to my optometrist about ten days ago, and he suggested using the eye drops every hour. He said it should take a week or two to kick in, and if it didn't, then come and see him for a proper examination. It's been ten days, and it doesn't feel like my eyes are any better. Should I see him as soon as I can arrange an appointment, or should I wait a bit longer? And secondly, should I use the eye drops just before the appointment, or let him see my eyes as they are in their natural state?

Background: the ME, of course. Suspected Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and/or mast cell disorder. (Referral for those is taking forever.) I'm on antihistamines for, well, they haven't really said what for, but if there's a mast cell disorder in there, it would explain why they help so much. Anyway, the antihistamines don't seem to coincide with my eyes getting worse. I'm 35. My mother has map dot fingerprint epithelial dystrophy, but my optometrist said it's not inheritable and that I'd know by now if I had it. The ME causes neurological and muscular problems with my eyes, such as intolerance of fluorescent light and difficulty reading.
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[23 Apr 2011|03:22pm]

I see that this community is mostly dead, but there still seem to be a fair few readers judging by the userinfo page. So maybe somebody will see this and be able to give me some advice. At least I'll get to vent.

I am having a terrible time with my eyes lately. For all of my childhood up until I was 18 or 19, I was able to see some wonderful ophthalmologists who specialized in my biggest eye issue (strabismus) and also managed my nearsightedness. Then I turned 19 and lost my state health insurance.

When I was around 21, I noticed my vision was getting a little fuzzy. I was having trouble reading street signs and such while driving. I couldn't afford to go to my old ophthalmologist, since she was rather expensive without insurance. So I went to the eye doctor with an office at my local Wal-Mart. Seemed like the cheapest option.

That was a mistake. I couldn't see well with the prescription he gave me. My right lens was too strong, my left lens was too weak, and both of my bifocals were too weak. So I went back and got an updated prescription. Better, but still not great. But I worked nights at the time, so I wasn't really able to get back in with that eye doctor in a reasonable period of time, so... I just dealt with it.

Last October, things were getting really bad vision-wise again. I had health insurance through my job at that point, so I did some googling for a good eye doctor with experience dealing with strabismus, and found someone who seemed experienced. (I had moved across the country, so I couldn't see my original ophthalmologist.) I made an appointment with him. He and his assistant both ended up being really short with me, which sucks since I have doctor issues and his site made it sound like he had a good demeanor with patients, but whatever. One thing I noticed is that during the "which looks better, 1 or 2?" test, there were two that looked "differently blurry", and he told me that made no sense and to pick one... after doing some research I'm pretty sure one of them was myopia-blurry and one of them was astigmatism-blurry. At the end of the appointment, he told me that he saw no reason why I should have bifocals (which I had had all of my life up until then), so he wrote me a prescription for glasses without them. He was the expert, so I went with it. I hadn't been using the bifocals in my old glasses for a long time anyway, because they were so blurry as to be useless.

The glasses I got back from this prescription were an improvement, but still not perfect. And over time, they got worse and worse. Earlier this month I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't afford to go back to the eye doctor -- my insurance ended up not covering the whole visit, so I had to pay $80. I can't afford to do that again, to a doctor that probably won't listen to me, who might give me ANOTHER inaccurate prescription. Ordering glasses online is super-cheap, so I decided to play around with my prescription and just get it .5 diopters stronger in each eye and see what that got me.

I got those glasses back earlier this week, and at first they were like heaven. I could actually see! I could read menus at fast-food places, and ads on the subway, and street signs. But a few days later, now that my eyes have adjusted, things seem bad again. My right eye is always blurry to some degree or another -- I think I have an astigmatism that he didn't catch (thus my comments above). And unlike the general strength of the lens, an astigmatism isn't something I can just play around with until I get it right. My left eye is good most of the time, but if I've been focused on up-close vision for awhile (like at the computer for awhile or something) and then try to switch to distance vision, things seem really blurry. I wonder if that's why I had bifocals before. I think I have the same issue with my right eye, but it's hard to say when everything looks blurry anyway.

I am so frustrated, and I don't know what to do. I just want to be able to see clearly again. And I know it's possible, because whenever I get my eyes tested, while I'm looking through the "which looks better, 1 or 2" machine, I can see clearly with certain lenses. But then I get the glasses and everything is blurry. I don't know where to turn, I don't want to drop another $80 on seeing another ophthalmologist who might or might not get it right, with no recourse if they don't.

Is there some solution here that I'm overlooking? Does anyone have any suggestions?
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[21 Aug 2009|02:48pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I just made a new website talking about ocular histoplasmosis. I don't think that that many people have it -- its pretty rare but if anyone wants a different perspective or to talk to someone who has it effecting (affecting? I can never remember...) them in both retinas you can contact me or go to my Ocular Histoplasmosis site. I've had Ocular Histoplasmosis since I was 12ish and am now 21 and am regularly getting avastin injections in my eyes. :o) Even if you don't have OHP and just want to talk about the injections or something I'm all ears.

I sound corny.

Whatever -- just thought I'd drop a line.

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Blind VI Now on Twitter & Facebook! [14 Jun 2009|12:09am]

[ mood | excited ]

More ways to promote/support Blind VI and spread the word about the website!

Blind VI now has a twitter page! Please follow Blind VI! This is a great tool for those who have no time to read a long lengthy blog entry. Lots of people can read stuff on their mobile phones so this is something new that could be a positive for the website. Once you're following Blind VI's twitter page, spread the word by telling your entire followers list to follow Blind VI!

Facebook Fan Page
Everyone's doing it! Please place Blind VI as one of your fan pages! Click on Become a Fan and then click on the SHARE button and share Blind VI's fan page info to all your friends on facebook. And ask them to become a fan to Blind VI as well to support the website.

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Meares Irlen testing [23 May 2009|06:00pm]

Hi, I'm Alex, and I'm new :)
Last week I decided to take advantage of my college's free dyslexia testing and booked myself in.
I'd had these sorts of symptoms:
Dizzines/ Nausia when reading and using my laptop
Dizziness/Nausia/Pain when under flourescent lighting (eg; in the supermarket or in class)
Strain in all lighting, and difficulty finding a comfortable lighting (even when just walking around in the daylight I am strained and dizzy)
Migranes/Eye based headaches
Difficulty concentrating
Everything seeming too bright
Difficulty looking at or focusing on anything white, or anything patterned

After talking to the person screening me for a while, he said it sounded as though I had severed Meares-Irlen Syndrome, and that sadly the college couldn't help, but I could get help outside of college. He also gave me a pink filter for my book, which is handy when reading, but obviously doesn't help with the pain the rest of the time!
Well, I've been looking into it, and I've found a couple of ways of doing it. 
I could go for Irlen testing (http://www.irleneast.com), which is going to end up costing me about £300 just for diagnosis, then a further £90 to get any lenses I have tinted, I'd have to also find the money for frames seperatly. 
Or I could have tinted lenses fitted at an optitians using this method - http://www.ceriumoptical.com/index.aspx . 
The second option will work out cheaper by at least a couple of hundred pounds, so obviously I'd prefer to go down that route, but I am really worried they'll only be able to help me with glasses for reading....
Is the Irlen testing worth the extra money? Has anyone gone the optitians route with bad Meares-Irlen and found their glasses are fine for wearing all the time and help with everything else (normal day to day walking around, shopping, bright lights etc)?
I've been googling my heart out but just can't seem to find any reviews of either method :(

Any help really is very much so appreciated - I've been suffering with this a long time, it's been really debilitating to the point where I can't even really go out because of the dizziness and nausia spells. 
I've cross-posted a little, I hope someone can help me! 
Alex x
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New community for visual stress, Meares-Irlen Syndrome, dyslexia and so on [21 Mar 2009|11:18am]

codeman38 and I have just created visual_stress, for anyone who experiences symptoms of visual stress. It's also known as visual processing disorder, Meares-Irlen Syndrome, Irlen Syndrome, or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, and it takes the form of unpleasant visual distortions or eyestrain when reading, sometimes with headaches or migraine as well. It's commonly treated with colour, for instance in the form of acetate overlays for paper or tinted spectacles. You can read more about it here. There's a strong connection with dyslexia, and some people with processing problems have co-existing auditory processing disorder or other neurological issues.

You don't have to be diagnosed with visual stress to join, just to have difficulties in this general area. People with ME/CFIDS, migraine, MS, epilepsy, autism spectrum disorders or ADD/ADHD, for example, often experience visual problems of this nature.
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Newb [03 Dec 2008|11:28am]

[ mood | worried ]

Hello. New member here and I thought I'd say hi. :o) I'm a 20 year old midwestern girl. When I was around 11 or 12, I got a rare disease in my right eye called histoplasmosis. Now, almost 8 years later, its now in my left eye. I suppose I should be happy that it's not in my lungs (the primary spot for where this disease attacks) but I'm still in a little shock that it spread to my other eye after all these years. Here's a run down on what histoplasmosis is.


What is histoplasmosis?

Histoplasmosis is a disease caused when airborne spores of the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum are inhaled into the lungs, the primary infection site. This microscopic fungus, which is found throughout the world in river valleys and soil where bird or bat droppings accumulate, is released into the air when soil is disturbed by plowing fields, sweeping chicken coops, or digging holes.

Histoplasmosis is often so mild that it produces no apparent symptoms. Any symptoms that might occur are often similar to those from a common cold. In fact, if you had histoplasmosis symptoms, you might dismiss them as those from a cold or flu, since the body's immune system normally overcomes the infection in a few days without treatment.

However, histoplasmosis, even mild cases, can later cause a serious eye disease called ocular histoplasmosis syndrome (OHS), a leading cause of vision loss in Americans ages 20 to 40.

source: http://www.nei.nih.gov/health/histoplasmosis/#0

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White Cane Awareness Day [10 Oct 2008|09:09pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Subject: Oct 15 is White Cane Awarness Day.

Date: Oct. 15

Here's a website about the long white cane.

click on White Cane Safety Day.

The cane is used by those who are blind and partially sighted. Not alot of people are educated properly about the long white cane.

Do your part by contacting your local Lions Club and making a donation to their white cane day fundraiser.

Club Locator:

Please spread the word by copying the text below.
Then pasting it in blogs, bulletin and/or also pasting this message in a email and forwarding it to your friends and family!

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[16 Jul 2008|03:30pm]

Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone knew the answer to this. Is Retinopathy of Prematurity considered to be a birth defect? Or does it happen after the premature baby is born?
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Dry Eye + Contact Lenses [03 Jul 2008|10:46pm]

I have some dry eye problems and wear contact lenses... can anyone please recommend a good eye drop that is contact lens friendly??
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so. [17 Jan 2008|05:38pm]

I go in the 28th to discuss the surgery and all with my doctor.

Still no insurance, but my brother and sister in law decided that they're helping me pay for it.

I'm a little nervous. I'm pretty much going to have to re-learn driving, and pretty much everything that the whole, seeing out of one eye think jacks up, right?

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[07 Jan 2008|04:14pm]

I found this group today.. just thought I'd say hello. :)

I have strabismus caused by hydrocephalus when I was younger. I've had 3 corrective surgeries, the most recent being when I was 11. I'm 22 now, and had an appt today, and my eye doctor is wanting me to have another one to hopefully fix it more. (it used to be exotropic..after the surgeries, and I grew older, I now have apparently, esotropic strabismus.)

He doesn't know for sure if I'll be able to see through both eyes till after we do it, but at the least, they'll be a little straighter, and theres the possibility of being able to use both eyes, which, I haven't ever done, I don't believe.

Anyway. .. .. that turned into more than a "Hi!" but, eh.

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Advice? [28 Sep 2007|11:07am]

[ mood | curious ]

I decided to get contacts today and I'm not sure what I should do.

I wore contacts when I was a teenager but stopped because at that time +3.00 was the highest prescription available and I needed +6.75 in my left eye, as a result my lazy eye started to get, well, lazy.

Today contacts come in high enough power for my poor, severely hyperopic left eye.

I went in to get some contacts last week. They told me I had a slight astigmastism in my left eye but suggested I try some contacts that do not correct for it. The contacts were ok, a little uncomfortable. It didn't feel like I had something in my eye all the time but I was constantly aware of them. I noticed a slight blurring around fine details, not necessarily at any serious distance, perhaps a few feet and beyond, which I mentioned today. The optometrist decided to drop the power in my right eye to +.5. This hasn't really seemed to improve matters much. He said the contacts appeared to be fitting on my eye well.. so does anyone know what this fuzziness is? Is that common with contacts? The optometrist said my vision would be better with contacts.

Secondly, the astigmatism. I asked about it today and the optomitrist told me that since my brain relies primarily on my right eye, special contacts to correct my astigmatism in my left eye wouldn't be worth the cost. He also said something about it would be difficult to find a astigmatism correcting lense in +5.75 power. I tried to press him for exact numbers but he didn't really give me any, simply said it would be past the "acceptable mark" without defining what the hell that meant. I expressed my concern that if the vision isn't corrected properly in my left eye it might get lazy again and he assured me that optical development was complete. So I dunno, does anyoen know what specialty, astigmatism contacts run? I can't help but feel a skeptical when someone won't give me concrete numbers in a situation like this.



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Glasses [02 Aug 2007|11:39pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey everybody, looking for some advice for the newbiest of newbies to eye problems. Two weeks ago, nobody in my family had ever had anything wrong with their eyes and despite a childhood spent reading under the covers with a torch, my vision was 20/20...or I thought so, until I got into my usual seat in the lecture theatre and noticed the projection was fuzzy. To, uh, me, and nobody else. I'm on Effexor, which can screw your eyes but good, so I went to the doctor and discovered that no, I'm just getting myopia.

I'm currently pretty damn mild (-0.75, didn't even notice till holidays ended), but the doctor was pretty bloody confusing, ergo I'm here. He said it'll probably get worse over the next couple of years then slow down, that it wasn't related to the Effexor or the fact that I have my nose in a book/to a computer most of the time. How does that work? Anyone? Or possibly just advice for a first-time glasses purchaser? (I could manage without, but that would entail sitting in the front row in lectures. No thanks).

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I passed [01 Aug 2007|06:03pm]


I passed my vision test!  My b-day is in september just so happens after all my eye surgeries that license is up for renewal next month.  I thought I was having a good day today so I went.  I had my temp handicap paperwork in hand as well.  My eye doctor described eye test to me, and to do the handicap pass after so no red flags. 

I had to put my forehead on bar to turn on machine thus making me look down - duh, I have little to no down peripheral.  Needless to say I couldn't see the left box - but could clearly the right and middle, she made me read the middle on next row - no go.  I panicked, wanted to cry after everything I've been through.  But she said "lets go to the eye chart" I stood behind line in front of everyone and read it off the door - she said I got 20/40 which is requirement in state of NH, I could also see next line she didn't ask.  So I got my license until 2012!  Horrible picture and I don't care!  Then I went and got my temp handicap 'till january.  I only use it if parking is horrid and weather is - I can't see straight and down - or parking between two cars, not too comfy on left side.

I didn't even have to tell her about the vision.  I am on so many drops, creams and ointments and vitamins - I really am hopeful I'll have healthy eyes and see boston, maine, and hospitals no more.

Take care of your eyes - don't play around with them.  Glasses are beautiful contacts are convenient.  Don't mess with what god gave you - I didn't and my world fell apart!  I turned 40 and broke, I can't wait to kick a$$ at 41.

I've had 4 detached retinas, surgery first was a buckle, then 3 vitrectomy's 2 in left 1 in right eye.  Laser to the point that I smelled my eyelashes burning.  I've hung my head down 24/7 for 14 days three separate times.  I can't go on rides at amusements, airplanes are out for now..

It took yet another specialist two weeks ago to say hey - where's your nordic heritage?  I am scottish and have Rosacea not effecting my skin but my eyes.  So maybe dry, unhealthy eyes caused the retinal detachements at such an early age?  Who knows but I intend to take advantage of life to the fullest!
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[29 Nov 2006|07:30pm]

Hey guys... Maybe you remember me. I made this post about 6 months ago. I went back for my 2nd corneal topography, and my doctor is pretty positive I have keratoconus. thought I'd just inform you guys... Apparently this is what my other doctor has been seeing with the astigmatism, but he didn't have the equipment in his office to tell. So I go back in six months to see how it's going.
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does anyone else have this, or know what it is? [19 Nov 2006|10:02am]

[ mood | awake ]

...I sit in front of the computer and have a few windows around me, through which I see a small road, even while looking at the computer. The last few days, when I see cars approaching in the periphery, especially to my right, I have often said to myself, right out loud, "Whoa, that is a flashy yellow car! I wonder who has that around here!", and then when it continues behind the computer, which makes it out of my sight, and then into my sight again and comes out to the left, IT'S RED EVERY TIME. This is a bit freaky, because it has happened five or more times in the last few days, and I somehow didn't notice it before. Is it a simple function of the peripheral vision only discerning part of the colour spectrum, or is this part of some condition that you guys know about? As an aside, I also am what might be called sort of an advanced meditator, meaning that in the course of my meditation, all sorts of phenomena, visual and otherwise, arise, so this stuff doesn't freak me out in itself, but it seemed wise to check if it might be a symptom of a disorder, as opposed to just a cool thing that happens sometimes...thanks, all!

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[13 Nov 2006|03:07am]

Has anyone ever has surgery for strabismus as an adult?

I love my opthamalogist but she is driving me nuts with how much she is pushing for me to get another surgery. I have had six total starting when I was two, none of them successful. I've tried every other treatment I have heard of except the botox injections, but from what I have read and what my dr. says those are mainly for mild cases of strabismus. Nothing was successful.

From what I can gather, combining the previous surgeries, how dry my eyes are, the scarring from the fifth surgery that was botched horribly, and the fact that I am over 20, there would be an extremely low success rate, around 5%. I also have severe reactions to anesthesia and my "bad eye" has already atrophied. So I see this is spending lots of money and at least two weeks in the hospital for a very low success rate, and even if it was successful I would need years of therapy to get the left eye working again, not to mention getting the eyes to work together. Therapy which again would have a very low success rate.

I have been using only one eye for so long that I have adapted very well, I have no trouble seeing at all, so I just don't get what the point of yet another surgery would be. I would appreciate comments though if anyone has has strabismus surgery as an adult, or finally had a successful surgery after several unsuccessful ones.
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Hi to everyone [04 Nov 2006|10:10pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello everyone,
My name is Tina i am 23 years old I live in Vancouver,WA with my guide dog lazlo male yellow lab 3yrs old.. I was wanting to know is there anyyone who has Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) as well as Glaucoma. I have closed Angel Glaucoma. I have not met or found many people who have Retinopathy of prematurtity and it be nice to talk to some people with my same eye disease. I was born 24 weeks early (4months)/ If there is anyone who would like to talk to me or message me please feel free thanks

BE nice to hear from people...

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[22 Sep 2006|10:35pm]

Hello everyone, I'm new here... I have a few questions about my eyes, and I really don't know where to turn.
(This is all about my left eye, and only my left eye. My right eye is fine.
PS: I am a seventeen year old female.)I need your help...Collapse )

Shortened, my problems/symptoms include:

+ Eye sight getting significantly worse over the course of a few months
+ Extremely blurred
+ Darkened fog

Also, for the past week I've had a pretty severe cold, and a constant stomach ache. I don't know if this means my eye problem is a symptom to another health problem.

Your input, advice, ANYTHING, is completely welcome, and I thank you for taking time to read this.
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